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Ilyas and Duck Search for Allah


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Product Description

BOOK ONLY Ilyas and Duck Search for Allah written by Omar S. Khawaja illustrated by Leo Antolini Ilyas and Duck search for Allah is an adorable storybook for kids about a boy's quest to find God. "Where is God?" is a question that any parent teaching their kids will one day have to answer. This book helps parents answer that question while conveying the profound mystery of it all in a fun way. In this story, likable Ilyas pairs up with Duck to ask the one question over and over in different scenarios. With whimsical and poetic replies, Ilyas slowly begins to realize what his question truly means. And by the end, his childish curiosity is fulfilled with profound realizations. The book has hardcover binding and comes with a cover jacket. Bismillah Box Kids Favorites: ⭐Ok, our absolute FAVORITE part of the book is all the SILLY faces Duck makes! It makes us want to read the story again and again! ⭐The way children look for Allah on every pages of the book the first time they read it, mashallah ⭐Ilyas's realization at the end of the book about the power and wonder of Allah swt ⭐THE PART WHERE THEY GO TO OUTERSPACE, OF COURSE!

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