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November Box Theme Is...

Alhamdulilah! Count Your Blessings

The November Bismillah Box Kids will ship the first week of November.

What are we learning about Islam this month?   

Alhamdulilah is one of the most powerful statements we can teach out little Muslims. It’s no wonder that its heavy on the scale of good deeds; counting blessings and thanking Allah for all we have makes us more positive about life! 

Not only is it healing for the heart to be thankful, but it is also a way to get more blessings! Allah loves to see us thankful to him, and promises that if we Thank Him, He will increase us! (Quran 14:7)

If we tell our kids to COUNT each blessing they have, they won’t even have enough fingers to name them all. Allah has blessed us with so much, number ONE being our beautiful religion.

This box is all about COUNTING and saying Alhamdulilah, and we hope that no matter how cranky our little kiddos get (like Cranky Kareem), they will learn to be thankful to Allah for everything!