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October Box Theme Is...

High Five for Learning the Five Pillars!

The October Bismillah Box Kids will ship the first week of October.

What are we learning about Islam this month?

  One of the first lessons we teach our kids about Islam is about the five pillars. The reason is that the whole religion of Islam is built upon these five pillars. Each Muslim strives to complete all five in their life, and we think kids should get a  “high five” for memorizing all five pillars!

The Prophet (pbuh) said: “Islam is built on five: testimony that there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad (pbuh) is his Prophet, establishing Prayer, Paying Zakat, Performing Hajj, and Fasting Ramadan."(Bukhari: 8)

And just like a building is built on strong pillars as a foundation, these five pillars are essential in making a strong connection of Islam to our kids. Performing these five pillars will help them strengthen their identity and be proud of being Muslims!

This box will remind them to say the shahada, pray their prayers, try to fast, pay sadaqah, and Insha Allah one day go to Hajj too!

Ages 5-8 will receive FIVE PUZZLES AND A BOARD GAME! Plus more!

Ages 4 and Under gets an adorable board book, simple custom puzzle, and more!

We hope your little Muslims are as excited as we are!