February's Box Theme Is...

Jummah Box

The February Bismillah Box Kids will ship the first week of February.


Thank God It's Jummah!

What are we learning about Islam this month?   

Thank GOD it’s Jummah! We just love Fridays, a blessed day of the week to Muslims. The Prophet (pbuh) loved Fridays too, and said: 

“The best day on which the sun has risen is a Friday.”

Jummah (Friday) is such an important day of the week, it has a Surah named after it in the Quran! And in that Surah, Muslims are told to hurry to the Friday prayers and make sure not to let their worldly affairs hold them back from completing their Islamic tasks.

There are so many special good deeds encouraged to be done on Fridays. The Prophet (pbuh) mentioned in a hadith that there is a short time that all DUAAs are answered! He also encouraged people to increase the Salawat (supplications) for the Prophet (pbuh) on this day. He also encouraged reading the Quran, especially Surah Alkahf, which in hadith, is said to be a light that stretches from that person to Makkah! (Albani)

Going to the Masjid for Jummah is super important. We hope this box teaches kiddos to clean up, read Surah Alkahf (their light of the week), and pray Jumma prayers at the Masjid!

Ages 5-8 will receive the highly acclaimed Islamic picture book Halal Hotdogs along with an Islamic Scratch Art Book, colorful Masjid Puzzle, and more! Ages 4 and Under will receive the new release Look and Find Today Is Jummah board book, the only Muslim Do a Dot Book, and much more!